About Favor Tree

Favor Tree is about encouraging people to help each other out by doing favors.

Why Doing Favors is Important?

Doing favors for others can be as simple or complex as you wish. Reaching out to others creates inside of ourselves an awareness of people. It is a way of paying it forward into tomorrow. If each person did something nice for three people the goodness would spread out like the ripples on the still surface of a pond when a pebble is tossed in. It would expand upon the lives of others and lift spirits.

A Simple Story

There was once a small child sitting in the dentists office shortly after Christmas. This little girl was very poor and her clothes quite worn. As a normal thing to ask was did you have a great Christmas? She raised her soft brown eyes to look at me and said ” Santa did not visit us this year but we were good anyway.” It was a moment of clarity for us about what a favor is. We got the address of this small girl from her chart and after talking to her mother privately we sent a Christmas dinner and gifts for each of her four brothers and sisters and mom and dad. It was not to much but the most important thing is the note included. It said, ” Sorry this is late, keep being good.” Love Santa.

Things You Can do For Others:


  • Take flowers or small treats to an elderly person. Its hard for them to get around and its appreciated so much
  • Offer to walk a neighbors dog or watch it when they are out of town
  • Invite single people to Thanksgiving dinner because its hard to be alone that day
  • Call and chat with someone that needs a boost. Yes you may hear about the operation again but that is ok
  • If you visit the farmers market pick up fresh honey or oranges for a friend
  • Offer to drive elderly people to doctors offices or shopping as needed. It means more than you realize.


Reaching out to others to do favors does not have to cost anything. There are so many ways to make a true difference in this world. Like when you see your neighbor out raking leaves and its a big job. Grab a rake and pitch in. Not only will it help to create a neighborly feeling but from then on that person will remember the kindness and may help someone too. Its the good feelings that warm the heart that helping others creates.

Places You Can go to Help Others:

  • Hospitals – There is a great need for volunteers at most hospitals and clinics. If you like to do manicures offer this service for free to the patients to raise their spirits. Its a way of giving back to your community that others will appreciate.
  • Human Societies – There are so many homeless cats and dogs available. But until they can be adopted they need care and attention. Offer to help walk or feed them or if you know about grooming offer to help.
  • Think of the things that you enjoy doing and take others along or invite over. Such as making gingerbread houses or cookies at Christmas. Or the fun of creating Easter decorative eggs or special lacy heart Valentines to give.
  • Food Banks – There is always a need for an extra pair of hands to load supplies for needy families especially at the holiday season.
  • The Angel Tree – At most malls at Christmas there is a special tree with name tags on it. These are the names of children that will not have a Christmas gift unless someone steps in and helps. It is an anonymous way of giving to others.
  • Libraries – If you have the time they always need volunteers to read stories to others or sort books.


Start Today

Doing a favor for someone else does not take very much time in an average day. It is a way of paying it forward and sending out good vibrations into the world around you. They say that what you give comes back at you twice fold. When you see the smiles of the people around you it will be apparent that this is true.

So please reach out to others in loving kindness.