Building and Pest Inspections in Australia

Building and Pest Inspections in Australia

Building Inspections Australia
When you are buying a house, you need to know the condition of the house. Just like when you are buying a dress or a fruit, you do an inspection on the product that you are just about to buy. On the other hand, when you own a building, you can only tell how long it will stand by doing a thorough assessment. All these are achievable through a Building and Pest Inspections. In Australia, this mandatory procedure because it not only protects you from risks of collapse of the building but also gives you a good evaluation of the building and its projected longevity. The capital cities in Australia ll have reputable building inspectors for you to choose from, cities include: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth.

What is a Building and Pest Inspections?

Building and Pest Inspections in Australia involves a comprehensive assessment of a building and its surrounding. To learn about the definition of an inspection click here. The process is a thorough evaluation of a building and its environs in the context of its ability to remain stable and provide the needed shelter. Usually because of time or the environment within which a building stands, it may turn out to be a hazard as some of their structural pillars are worn. Pests such as termites eat up the essential structures of a building in a way that the building may ultimately collapse. During the building and pest inspection process, the sounding and moisture measurement of the building and its surrounding are evaluated to establish whether there are any risks or pests. The process involves assessment of the fences, yard, interior and exterior of the building, sub floor, roof voids, and roof exterior for any weaknesses and risks.

When to do a Building and Pest Inspection

There are many occasions when you would like to know that state of a building. If you are able to afford a regular inspection, then you can do it as regular as you need to because it then gives you the needed reassurance that your home is free of pets and is in a good condition. In Brisbane there are many reputable companies including Pro Inspections Brisbane which offer a licensed and qualified inspectors. There are certain occasions when the procedure is mandatory.

The following is a list of special occasions that a building and pest inspection is advisable.

When you are about to purchase a building: It is called a pre-purchase inspection. Through the inspection, you can evaluate the value of the building and the cost that you will need to incur to get it in a safe condition after you have purchased it. Periodic building and pest inspection: You should have regular building and pest inspection. The period of time will be determined by the place where your building stands. Frequent inspections are recommended for buildings within moist and forest areas.During a building maintenance: if you do a scheduled building maintenance, it is important that you involve a building and pest inspection before the maintenance. It should inform that places that will need rejuvenation in the building. When you feel that your building is shaky or notice some signs of pests in the building: You can always notice when your building is getting old and shaky. That is when you need to do a structural assessment of the building. In case you have noticed termites in the building, procure a pest inspection of your building to known the level of damage that they have made if any.
The ultimate part of a Building and Pest Inspections in Australia is a report.

What is in a Building and Pest Inspections in report?

Building Inspection Report

The report contains the following information

The structural problems Conditions that are conducive to the structural damage Any additions and necessary improvements Any incomplete constructions within the building Noted serious safety hazards Noted major defects in finishing elements Minor defects in the condition of the structure of the building Any signs of timber pest attacks and noted conditions that would encourage attacksAny existing termite management programs and advice on termites prevention and management for the building.

Importance of Building and Pest Inspections in Australia

Through the procedure, you will be able to assess the condition of a building before you purchase it. You can also determine any risks that the building holds before a tragedy incurs. Through the inspection, you should be able to come up with termite prevention and management methods that will keep the building holding for long.

To avert any tragedy that may come out of structural problems, you need to do an inspection. An inspection gives the building owner a comprehensive report that can be made of use through various channels. Knowing the condition of your home or building gives you the confidence to live in it and the reason to make changes if necessary.

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When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

Home Improvement Advice From Favor Tree

Getting A New Roof


There are various methods to deploy when you get that gut feeling that it is time to buy a new roof. It could be that the roof has been above your head for decades and you are worried about wear and tear or it could be that you suddenly notice a few cracks, discoloring or even rust, depending on the material your roof is made from. It might even be that the protection your roof was supposed to provide has all but disappeared and you start to feel too close to nature to be true!
As a rule of thumb the experts recommend two yearly inspections, during the spring and fall, starting from inside your house, in the attic. Armed with a flashlight, you should be looking for the following tell-tale signs:

  • Sagging of roof deck
  • Evidence or water penetration, including leaks
  • Dark patches, large or small
  • Daylight visible through roof

Once that has been taken care of, try and scour the exterior by looking for signs of deterioration, rotting, molding and even algae (which is prevalent in humid or coastline areas).

What to Look Out For

Apart from the obvious, you should also look out for fittings or accessories around the chimney, such as pipes or vents. If these have become dislodged, they might also affect the quality and effectiveness of your roof. If your gutters are full of large grainy sand-like waste, this is a sign of advanced wear, and should be catered into immediately. Any bacteria, fungi or mold would point to water issues and would appear within 48 hours of water seeping through fissures or cracks. Ensure that all drains, pipes and gutters are free from any debris, so that water is allowed free access to flow as designed.

Vents from the kitchen and bathroom should find their way outside, and not just into the attic. If you are looking at renovating or repairing your roof, you will need to know the material of your existing one. This will help you, or the company you hire for the job, to come prepared and to try and source the same material, without compromising the old one. Sometimes it might be necessary to change the whole roof, rather than patch it up sparingly. Just as a matter of interest, if you happen to have a cedar roof, the normal lifespan is around 20 years, so if your roof has served you close to or in excess of that allowance, it might be time to start thinking about a change.

Tiled Roofing

Tiled roofing is very classy and attractive, but it is quite common to have to replace tiles every few years, especially if weather conditions are not so calm. When having a look, be sure not to step on the tiles, as they are quite fragile (and slippery) in nature. Tiled roofing has been known to last up to 100 years, but you do need to undergo maintenance every few years. When it is time to replace a few cracked or loose tiles, always opt for specialized professionals, such as to do the job for you.

If you happen to own a concrete roof, on the other hand, this should never need replacing. Please note that, with other wooden roofs, you will have to be on the alert for insects, such as termites. Polycarbonate roofing is one of the strongest and most resistant roofing available today. They can last you anything up to 50 years, if installed correctly. Old roofs, having corrugated iron, are known to rust and deteriorate rapidly, with constant coatings of fresh paint necessary. If your roof was installed more than 30 years ago and you are not sure of the material, use caution and, again, call in the professionals, as you might be dealing with potentially lethal asbestos.

Lifetime Value of Roofing

Any roof which was installed in the past 20 years should never require a complete makeover, so never assume the worst until you employ the services of a licensed roofing contractor. You would need an expert opinion before deciding what options you have and if there is really any need to invest in new roofing altogether.

Favor Tree’s Conclusion

Remember that a home without a solid roof on top will not provide much, in terms of market value, so if, some way along the line, you are thinking of selling your house, you will want to make sure that the basic necessities are in place. No-one will want to invest in a house with a shoddy roof. Also try to choose a design and color which is in symphony with the entire house and surroundings, and which is adapt at resisting nature’s fury. Most roofing contractors will offer to come on location to visit your house, without any obligations, so feel free to browse around, until you are comfortable you have found the right one!…

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How You Can Help Out In Your Community

Simple ways you can help out in your community

Doing volunteer work is the best way to see the world in a different way than you are used to. There are so many reasons why people go for community service. There are those people who go for community service activities because they are genuinely concerned, there are others who do it because they want to stay busy and yet others choose to serve the community with an aim of meeting other people. All in all, serving the community can be summarized in one statement- a simple way of making life worthwhile. Putting a smile on someone’s face will most definitely make you feel good about yourself.

Serving your community

So, are you there wondering how you can help out in your community? Well, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways that you can give back to your community. Before mentioning some of these ways, let it be known that you do not have to spend huge money for this. You do not have to spend lots of time serving the community.

Nonetheless, the benefits that come with community service are more than you can imagine.

  • A feeling of self worth- you feel more important having helped someone
  • Helps make the world more homely for someone else
  • Stress relieving- volunteer work can also involve playing games or simply chatting with someone else thus relieving stress
  • Helps in building connections with other organizations or people
  • Helps keep you active and physically healthy
  • volunteering can provide career experience
  • you learn important professional skills


Community service ideas

As aforementioned, the main goal of community service is to put a smile on someone’s face. Generally, community service ideas revolve around helping the poor, sick, elderly and physically challenged in the society. And this cannot be emphasized more: a little act of kindness goes a really long way. Simply talking to someone can make their day and yours so much better. Here are some ways how you can help out in your community:

Visit a retirement home

One thing that really makes life difficult for senior citizens is lacking someone to talk to. You would think that being in a home for the elderly that they will have someone to talk to- people their age. Unfortunately, for some people loneliness is the order of the day in these places. The thing about most elderly people in nursing homes is that they have so much to tell. By simply going to talk to them, you make their day. If you can get a group of friends to go with you then it will even be better- go do something fun with the elderly.


You can volunteer to counsel at a kids camp. It is exhausting to run after rowdy children but it is a really great experience. It is especially beneficial for people who are looking to start a career in counseling or any other care-giving occupations. If you are really serious about counseling you can try bigger tasks such as peer counseling at your school. You help someone solve their problem very easily.

Donate clothes

What do you do with those clothes that have become too small for you? There are people who can barely afford a plain t-shirt and thus your graffiti or floral tee will come highly appreciated. Donate your old clothes and household goods. Go through your closet, you will find a bunch of clothes and shoes you even forgot you had because you cannot wear them anymore. If there are in shipshape, drop them off at a local shelter.

Help out a neighbor

Do you have an elderly neighbor one who is physically challenged? You can offer to rake the leaves from their lawn, shovel the sidewalk and even help out with housework. This will come really appreciated in more ways than you can imagine. Some other ways you can volunteer include:

  • Donate some groceries to your local food bank
  • During the Christmas holidays, send a gift to some needy child. Visit a participating post office, get a letter to Santa from an underprivileged child, buy the gift and mail
  • Donate some lightly used toys and stuffed animals to any children’s hospital near you


Bottom line

There are just so many ways you can give back to your community. All you have to do is be observant. Find a particular need in your community and help those who are trying to cater for the particular need. You may not be paid cash for washing your elderly neighbor’s dishes but as they say, give and you shall receive.

You give your time; someone else will also dedicate their time to you!


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